Madani Qaida Course

Madani Qaida Course

Beginning Quran reading from first level is exceptionally obligatory because it will gives you essential tajweed aptitudes that empowers you & your children to Read quran . We makes the lesson fascinating and experienced Teachers help fabricate the intense base of kids. Learn Quran Online with Straight forward and simple lessons with demonstrated instructing methodology. Learn Quran online with natural, dynamic, productive and learning focused environment in live session of one quran tutor with only one student. Presently there is no requirement for sending your children outside when you and your children can learn Quran online.This course is designed as the first step into Quran Learning for kids. After completion of this course student will be able to identify and pronounce Arabic Alphabets, basic rules, different symbols and connecting the letters. This course establish the basic ground for understanding and reading Quran correctly.

This course is specifically designed for those who are new in the realms of Islamic knowledge. The students registered for this course are hence given close attention of teachers with excellent communication skills and command on the subject to guide them step by step successfully to the path of endless ocean of knowledge. It’s important to start Quran reading from basic level if you don’t know how to read the Holy Quran because it will correct all of basic pronunciations of Arabic letters.You will start from Madani Qaida which will make to able to understand Arabic words and make sentences. It’s very comprehensive book. You will be able to read Quran after it’s completion if you have done it fully.

Are you searching for Quran classes for you or for your kids? your search ends here! you are at the right place We're providing this holy service in our Quran Academy through the professional and qualified teachers who have the knowledge in Islamic studies for many years and educating the people with their wisdom and knowledge.

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With the help of computer technology, now you can take Madani Qaida lessons directly from your mobile or laptop. It is like taking regular classes but with a personal online tutor. Students from every corner of the world are learning Madani Qaida online with the help of our hard-working Madani Qaida Tutors. Madani Qaida online Course is 100% effective and we are proud to have hundreds of satisfied students Alhamdulillah. Madani Qaida course ensures that the non-Arabic students can learn it in a very easy way. After completing Madani Qaida course, your child will be able to read the holy Quran fluently with rules of Tajweed and Arabic accent.

Class Type:One-to-One
Class Duration: 30 Minutes
Course Period: According to student's ability
Age Group: All Ages.

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